WW2 Honor Roll

A War Fought by Unknown Heroes

Winston Churchill once said of World War Two that it was not a war of princes or chieftains, but of peoples and causes; a war fought by unknown heroes. Here we acknowledge the unknown heroes that Churchill was referring to as well; our fallen heroes as well as those that fought for our freedoms and returned with their memories. We remember and honour in our hearts the Allied heroes, war veterans and all the affected people, who valued freedom in their life above all else.

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Charles E. Zschiesche


 Purple Heart, Air Medal . Drafted in the March 17, 1942 Third National Lottery (as reported in the "Hamilton Herald Record" of March 20, 1942; Pottsville, TX Tech Sergeant Zschiesche was killed in action while serving with the 579th Bomber Squadron, 392nd Bomber Group, Heavy. Nose Gunner on the William Clifford crew (EXTERMINATOR) on a mission to Vegesack. Their aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters in the vicinity of the coast while returning to base after the completion of their mission. This was their fourth missions. From Pottsville, Texas. Buried at Cambridge American Cemetery, England.

MISSION LOSS CIRCUMSTANCES: The only very brief remarks that were associated with this aircrew's loss was that the aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters in the vicinity of coast out, north of the target at Vegesack after the Group attacked this target. No German reports were available on the final situation regarding this crew and the Liberator. It could be concluded only that this aircrew went down just off shore into the North Sea waters, and never recovered. Submitted by Mark Hofmann