WW2 Honor Roll

A War Fought by Unknown Heroes

Winston Churchill once said of World War Two that it was not a war of princes or chieftains, but of peoples and causes; a war fought by unknown heroes. Here we acknowledge the unknown heroes that Churchill was referring to as well; our fallen heroes as well as those that fought for our freedoms and returned with their memories. We remember and honour in our hearts the Allied heroes, war veterans and all the affected people, who valued freedom in their life above all else.

Click on the buttons below to view an alphabetical listing of Honorees, both living and passed. If you know of someone who should be recognized here, from any country, please contact us today!

An Album of Unidentified Heroes

Discover an incredible photo album of 79th Infantry Division personnel provided by Mildred Gaebler. Mildred's father, SSgt John C. Sallee, served in Co. B, 313th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division. All the photos were taken at Camp Blanding, Florida in February, 1943. Most of them are lacking any identification so if recognize any of them, please let us know via the contact page and at mgsalww2@yahoo.com so that we can afford them the recognition they deserve.