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29 May 2013

Crossing the Rhine

My uncle Gerry Pellitier was a replacement soldier in the 79th. I'm not sure what regiment but I know he died on either the 27th or 28th of March 1945. He was 19 years old. My understanding is that he was in a combat situation and was killed by a German ambush attempting to cross the Rhine. I wish I knew more.

Mike Gaudreau | v1michg (at) yahoo (dot) com

17 April 2013

Wonderful Tribute

I found your wonderful tribute to Private Melvin W. Johnson while searching for information on the 79th Division. My grandmother's cousin Harry R. James also served in the 79th. Thank you so much for making this tribute to Private Johnson - I wish there could be one for everyone who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty and justice.

Fuller Runyan | frunyan (at) bigfoot (dot) com

9 March 2013

Private Joseph C. Felice

My father pvt. Joseph C. Felice was in this unit. I also have all his pictures and relics. Also the Unit map that I think was done by a Sgt. I also am trying to find out as much history of the unit as I can. Thanks Joe.

Joe Felice | joewendyf (at) att (dot) net

4 March 2013

Edward M. Bassett, Jr.

My father (Edward M. Bassett, Jr.) was in K Company, 3rd Battalion, 314th Infantry Regiment of the 79th Infantry Division. He was a replacement who joined his unit after the rest in Luneville (November, 1944) and fought in the Vosges and Alsace, Haguenau and the Race to the Rhine. He later was with the Ninth Army in the Push to the Roer River and the crossing of the Rhine (March, 1945).

William Bassett | wmbassett (at) yahoo (dot) com

16 January 2013

Fort du Roule

This website is very moving for me. I'm 29, I was born in Cherbourg where the 79th was. Since 2008, I am working in the museum of Liberation which takes place inside the Fort du Roule! Thanks to your site I discover photos that i've never seen before.

Michelle Baudry | michelle.baudry (at) ville-cherbourg (dot) fr

7 January 2013

Charles Edward Lilienkamp

My Brother, Charles Edward Lilienkamp fought in WWII in France. He was with the 79th Division, 315 Regiment that fought at PARROY Forest. He was wounded on Sep. 29, 1944 and died from those wounds on Sep. 30.

Hugh Lilienkamp | hugh_olga (at) earthlink (dot) net

11 December 2012

China in World War Two

Greetings! I was very surprised (even shocked) when I read your article on China in World War II. No other English sources (in books in or on the web) can even come close to the accuracy in your article and more importantly, the grasp of the complicated situations in China's war against Japan. May I know more about your background and how you have put together the article? I am from Taiwan, The Republic of China. I am an engineer working in New Hampshire and also a professor of mechanical engineering. My father participated in the Sino-Japanese War throughout the eight-year conflict. My brother and I published a book, "The everlasting glory: history of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1931-1945)" in 1999. (The the book is in Chinese language only.) My highest tribute to you for telling the history honestly and with a grasp of the big picture no other historians can match. Best regards, Sincerely, Chi-Yang Cheng

Chi-Yang Cheng | chiyang.cheng (at) gmail (dot) com

22 August 2012

79th Infantry Band

Wow! My Dad, Maynard Sell, was in the 79th Inf Band. I wish I could have shared these photos with him. My family went to Normany Beach & Utah last year. It was quite moving. Cherbourg certainly looks different today than it did during WWII. Thanks for posting these great photographs. I only had some of his personal Army photos of his band iin Germany.

Jack M. Sell | jacksell (at) verizon (dot) net

22 August 2012

1st Lt. Cleveland Pinnix

Thanks for keeping up this website. My father, 1st Lt. Cleveland Pinnix, served in the 314th Regiment, & was KIA 7/12/44 in the fighting near La Haye du Puits.

Cleveland F Pinnix | twopaddles (at) comcast (dot) net

18 August 2012

I Hear His Voice

Your site is deeply touching. My dad served in World War II, and I hear his voice while reading many of the letters. Thank you.

Jean Lachowicz | jdlachowicz (at) aol (dot) com

21 July 2012

Keep the Memory Alive!

Thank you brothers for keeping the memory of my dad's 79th Infantry Division alive. May their story never die!

Edward Jankauskas | disney.ed (at) comcast (dot) net

16 July 2012

Amazing & Remarkable!

Hi I had recently came across a bag of WW2 letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother 1942 & 1943. They were passed on to me almost 20 years ago from my grandma and I had never taken the time till recently to read through some of them. there are many! and it was amazing and remarkable, i cried! I want to preserve these and some of the memoralbillia my grandma kept from that time. do you have any suggestions? Blessings, Angelina

Angelina Attina | angelinaattina (at) live (dot) com

23 June 2012

Great Uncle, Paul H. Thomas

I was searching for information about the 315th infantry regiment, 79th infantry division. My great Uncle, Paul H. Thomas, served in this division. He was killed Nov. 17th, 1944. I've been looking for information related to his death. My family members related to my Uncle have passed on, and there was very little discussion about my Uncle, too painful to discuss I guess. I found this site interesting, and informative. Thanks, Helen Cramer

Helen Cramer | cramerh (at) verizon (dot) net

23 June 2012

Collection of Maps

Thank you for providing such a large collection of maps. They are essential when reading about the 2nd. World War. The whole site is an excellent memorial to your grandfather.

Tony Robson | anthonyrobson120 (at) btinternet (dot) com

21 May 2012

Remembering My Dad

My father was with Co. K, anti-tank co. 313th 79 div. He was a bazooka operator, with his loader and 4 anti-tank destroyers and each had a bazooka operator and loader. They where in Seltz on the 12 of DEC. clearing the path to the river. Under heavy fire my father received a fatal neck wound and his loader was wounded. Through AWON, I talked to dad's S/Sgt who was there. Dad was the oldest in the co. He was 2 weeks shy of 38 years old. He had 3 young children. The telegram was delivered on Dec. 26, 1944, at 1:30 pm.

Gary Kinley | Aurtoro (at) atlanticbb (dot) net

6 March 2012

Stanley Levin, MIA

I never knew there was a memorial for my Great Uncle, Stanley Levin, MIA, then presumed dead in WW2, this was good information by finding this website. We still don't know what happened to him, but hoping for answers some day.

Jennifer Cella | mikenjenc (at) msn (dot) com

18 February 2012

Did You Serve with Him?

Hi All, I was going through my Dad's World War II paperwork, I'm wondering if there is anyone out there who served with him. He was in the European Theater, Company I of the 314th Infantry, 79th Division. He served from May 1943 til June 1946.

Bob Thomas | FFBUFFBT (at) Comcast (dot) net

7 February 2012

Trying to Find My Dad

I really appreciate people taking time to share. I`m trying to find my dad. All I know is that he was in a tank and fought in France, Holland and I believe made it to somewhere in Germany. Haven`t found him but thanks to all who share their info.

Philip D. Warner | philhsub (at) comcast (dot) net

7 February 2012

The Credit He Would Never Accept

Just wanted to thank you for your site. My father was with the 79th, the Cross of Lorraine Division. He did make it home, but spent 9 months in a mental hospital when he returned. He lost all his buddies. Although he recieved 2 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, he never talked about it. He died in 1977. I just wish I had a chance to give him the credit he would never accept. My Father gave alot, your grandfather gave all. God Bless the men and women of WW2 for stopping Hitler. Where would we be today had they not? God Bless!!!

Mike Harville | mikehjeep (at) aol (dot) com

6 February 2012

Joe Koukol 79th Infantry Division

Grandson of Joe Koukol 79th Infantry Division WWII Thank you for all your work!

Seth Koukol | sethkoukol (at) gmail (dot) com