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8 May 2016

Arthur Albin Paulus

My father, Arthur Albin Paulus, served in the 2d Battalion of the 314th Regiment and was taken prisoner of war during the German recapture of Drusenheim January 19-20, 1945. I'm very grateful for this website because unfortunately, like so many veterans of the war, my dad never spoke about it and, somewhat regretfully, I placed his and my mom's letters to each other during the war in my mom's casket without ever reading them because I thought they were so personal and private. Anyone have a relative who served in the same battalion?

Susan Paulus | susan (dot) paulus (at) aol (dot) com

17 December 2014

Facebook Message

This page never fails to move me. A wonderful tribute to your grandfather. Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Sincerely, Sean P. Murphy

31 October 2014

Dozens of V-Mail

Did your grandfather make it home? I couldn't tell - did he make it home? I just today found dozens of v-mail written by my dad in the Battle of the Bulge in 1945. I was googling V-Mail and came across your letters. I have one from May 7, 1945 saying he was hearing rumors of the war in Germany being over and another one from May 8 confirming. They were hoping for furloughs home before they might be deployed to the Pacific to fight the Japanese Army. My dad was one of 5 brothers in WWII.

Mary | godrun (at) bellsouth (dot) net

4 January 2014

My Uncle, Pvt Roy D Boyer, CO E 314 79th KIA

I know we haven't spoken in a long time. My father & I requested Don's medals, including the CIB, which was denied due to lack of evidence of his conduct. My Dad never remembered receiving a letter from his company's CO regarding his death. Not until my father passed away did I discover the letter from his CO on Division letterhead commending Don for his service. Now I can request the CIB. I also found V letters from onboard the troopship taking them to England. I hope to establish a scholarship in Don's name at Penn State for engineering students. It may be hard to find students to meet the criteria- their father must be deceased, their income must be similar to my grandmother's, & of course they must have the qualities that Don possessed, honest, hard working, polite, thoughtful, family first. His plan was to take care of his mother and his younger brothers. I may not award a lot of scholarships due to a lack of qualified applicants, but that is OK, that demonstrates that people like Don were few & far between. Even more so today. I want to keep his memory alive for generations. I have yet to read all the letters & documents- I even have some of his college work- it has just been too painful after losing my Dad.

Thank you for such a wonderful resource on 79th.

Christine Reese | careese2 (at) comcast (dot) net

14 November 2013

The Free French Army

In looking for information on the Free French Army I came across your website. My father was a Canadian Army private stationed at Witley England, 1944. Trained as a Dispatch Rider in Canada, he was bored with being in the holding units day after day. He enquired of an officer about going into a particular French regiment. The officer advised him to wait. Dad wrote in a letter home to my mother that he felt his French was not fluent - so decided against it. In writing my father's memoir, I was not aware that General Charles De Gaulle in England 1940, had recruited French men and other nationalities to form the French Free and allied with the British forces. My father was in England in 1944 - I am not sure if this is the French regiment he was considering, but it does appear possible. He fought with the 2nd Canadian Division in the RHLI Reg. 4th Brigade, at the Battle of the Rhineland, and Operation Blockbuster II at the Battle of Xanten. This! website has been very helpful. Thank you.

Eve O'Connell | (at) gmail (dot) com

11 November 2013

I Love This Page

I love this page. I am only in 6th grade in small town iowa. I showed this to my mom and my dad and my grandparents. They all love it too!!!

Reilynn Martin

11 November 2013

North Africa

My father was part of invasion of North Africa on Nov 7-8,1942. Later was awarded silver star for gallantry in action and severely wounded on March23, 1943. I have many of his papers and letters home.

Tom Martin | tsm167 (at) live (dot) com