A Sergeant's Scrapbook

Over a hundred pages of a meticulously kept scrapbook filled with reflection, drawings, pictures and more. This is the scrapbook of Henry Glendon Hays, S Sgt, Airplane mechanic, Gunner of the 748 AAF. Sgt Hays was in the 360 Bomb Squadron of the 303rd Bomb Group stationed in Molesworth, England. He was shot down Jan. 11, 1944. All POW's were promoted to Sgt. to receive better conditions in POW camp.

Last Mission of Hallden Crew - #98, 11 January 1944
Over 300 German fighters attacked the formations after our fighter support returned to England and a mission recall signal was issued. 1st Air Division Air Commander, B/Gen Robert F. Travis claimed he never received the recall order and continued on to the target. The 303rd BG(H) lost 11 crews of which 46 of the 110 crewmen were KIA. The First Air Division lost 42 B-17s and 2 fighters. The recalled 2nd and 3rd Air Divisions lost an additional 16 B-17s and 2 B-24s. The 303rd claimed 30 German fighters destroyed, 4 probables and 9 damaged. The Hallden Crew's B-17 was seen to be in distress at 19,000 feet. Was on fire and went out of formation into a spin. The tail section came off. The B-17 crashed near Kirchlengern, Germany. Two crewmen were KIA and eight became POWs.