A Poem of the 313th Infantry Regiment

Here is a poem written by all of the men of the 313th Infantry Regiment, Co. A. It was then mailed to all of their dads. This copy is signed by Private James E. Cowart. James is the 3rd from the right on the back row. Special thanks to his son, Leonard E. Cowart. As the photo indicates, their company stayed less than full strength most of the time.

A WW2 Poem of the 313th Infantry Regiment
A WW2 Poem of the 313th Infantry Regiment

A Tribute to Dad

Some of the men that are here today
Are the best that the world has had,
There is only one that beats them all
And he happens to be my dad
I go to him when I'm happy
and also when I'm sad,
Each day I like to spend some time,
Just talking with my dad.
I always like to talk with him,
Especially when I am blue
Some times it's awful surprising,
What a talk with Dad will do.
He can always spare a little time,
To listen to what I say,
And then he gives me good advice
To help me along the way.
Now that I am in the Army
And away from dear old Dad,
I realize more than ever before
He's the best friend I ever had.
He is the kind of person
That makes a son feel glad,
To go to the service now,
To fight and win for dear old dad.

313th Infantry Regiment, Co. A
Co. A, 313th Infantry Regiment