A Special Thanks

My heartfelt gratitude to all those that helped me start this journey and keep it going. Thank you to my family and friends on two continents and their continuous efforts to never forget the memory of these brave men and women who fought and sacrificed so much. This site is intended to be a reflection on honor, sacrifice, and duty and it wouldn't be possible without your caretaking, and contributions.

"...cherish tenderly the memories of our heroic dead who made their breast a barricade between our country and its foes". ~ General Logan

Elaine Kathryn Ketchum (Johnson)

A very special thanks to my mother for sharing her father's letters with me. She never knew her dad as he died of his wounds on a different continent before she reached the age of two. My mother passed away late October of 2020 never having the opportunity to visit her father's grave or to look upon the beautiful country in which his last steps were taken. However, she loved this site and that it shared the story of her father with the world. Mom, you are loved and sorely missed.

Evelyn Hollands (Johnson)

Thank you for filling in some of the historical gaps and allowing me to give my mother the flag draped over Melvin's casket at his burial.

Philippe Sugg

A Historian and Patriot, thank you for guiding me through the steps of my Grandfather on my multiple trips to France. For your invaluable knowledge of the 314th Infantry Regiment, 79th Infantry Division, the Second French Armored Division, and the fighting in and around Luneville. Thank you for your tireless efforts in remembering and celebrating American efforts and sacrifice in France during WW2 and for Fremonville memorial to the 314th Infantry and my grandfather. I will be forever grateful and always call you Friend.

Gerard Louis

Gerard, thank you for your efforts and sharing your relentless buest to discover the missing, but not forgotten casualties of war and returning them to their families. Thank you for remembering the men of the 79th Infantry Division and my grandfather. And of course, thank you for the American bayonet. I'm glad to call you Friend.

Pascale Gotterand

Pascale, thank you for "adopting" my grandfather's grave and placing flowers there every year. They say a person dies twice...once when they pass and a second time when they are no longer remembered. Because of you, my grandfather's memory is alive. You are a great friend and steward of his memory.

Selma (Gallou) Brn-Glt

Selma, co-tour guide and translator during my first trip to walk in my grandfather's footsteps. It would have been a completely different trip without you as my grasp of the French language is wanting. Hopefully our paths will cross again!

Dan Rabe, Bruce & Patricia Hill, Larry Hellums, Harriet Sykes, Valerie Sugg, Thonas Edward Goode, Doris Davis, Gilles Cuinat, Christoph Andre, Agnes Toussugg, Sarah Potel, and many more!

Thank you for everything you've done to make my visits to France memorable. Tour guide, translator, and good friends. A beautiful country with incredible people!

Diane McFadden

To Diane McFadden of the Atlantic Public Library for her invaluable assistance in my research.

Ginnie Peters

To Ginnie Peters of the Perry Public Library for her invaluable assistance in my research.

Linda Reis

To Linda Reis, Researcher, Hometown Perry, Iowa. Thank you.

Jim Biggs

To Jim Biggs, whose father served in Co. F of the 314th. Thank you for sending the Morning Report for the day my Grandfather was wounded.