3 December 1944

Dear Dorothy,
(A letter from Mildred to Dorothy)

We were certainly sorry to hear about Melvin. As soon as you learn any particulars, let us know, and until you hear more try to think that it is not too bad. I know those words are easier to say than to follow. They tell me that the telegrams are only worded 2 ways - "slightly wounded" or "seriously wounded" so although it sounds ominous, maybe it isn't. Max Trent has been in a hospital for 3 months and figures he is better off than at the front. We haven't heard from Arthur yet. There has hardly been time I guess. We had a nice letter from Melvin B. He has really been seeing the world hasn't he? Margaret and Ernie have a cute apartment on 11th and Locust. They seem like an old settled couple. Margaret looks fine. Wish you could have been here for her wedding, but it was such a hurried up affair. They had planned to be married in Grinnel at his sisters. Then at almost the last minute they changed their minds. Maybe you can make it for Marie's. They are planning on Jan 4. She wanted it Christmas Eve but nature reared its head on Nov 25 so she changed dates. Clella and Lony were in last nite. She looks fine and Lony behaved exceptionall well for him. Theola and Newton and baby have been at Pollocks the past week. The baby is really sweet and sure smart. Talks like a little parrot. They went home today. Everything here is a glare of ice - still raining and sleeting. Pop and billy were out all night sanding. Did you know Marie's Bill is working for the Highway now? Brucie weighs 99 lbs. Can you imagine it? Well, Dorothy, there is so little anyone can say to help relieve your mind of worry, but you know we are all rooting for you and hoping things will be much better than they may sound. As Arthur told me when he left, Keep your chin up and a stiff upper lip. Tell Elaine hello for us - and let us know when you hear more.
Sincerely, Mildred