20 May 1942

Enclosed find one dollar as payment of a recent debt contracted with Carl Bishop. Thanks for the favor. - I got paid today. I could send you some money, of course, if you needed it - but didn't think you would?? O.K. is getting smart again. He's burnt up because my recent record was a shade better than his, at least on paper; so he laid some cases on my desk today that he'd done some previous work on - filing claims to the Probate Court and 30-day reports on the estate of the deceased - you know. They're in my territory, of course, but they're his babies by right because he was doing them and knows the groundwork. I haven't shifted anything like that to him. Complicated little things that he couldn't quite get straightened up. Boy, that burnt me up. He's so jealous he sees green. There's no unit of work-hour credit given on them - just so much delay in my schedule. Well; shouldn't let myself get out of hand. And my work was rounding out so nicely; on schedule too. Sure is lonely here. And I haven't been to Omaha yet. Thought I'd go tonite, but probably won't since I'm tired. Read 1st 2 chapters of Nana. some gal! Mrs. B sure nice to me. Cleans my room, makes the bed, and cooks for me. I bought 75c worth roast beef and we've eaten some meals from it and still have some left. When are you coming back and how's your mother? Write. Love - Melvin