16 May 1942

Thought I'd write before you developed a fit of anger. Glad to hear your mother a little better. Sure miss you. And I don't have any money to speak of - except a few cents. Mrs. Behm's been cooking for me; and straightens up my room now and then. I've been up over to Bob's three nights this week - twice for supper. (Why don't you buy some pen points sometime anyway?) Damn it! Everytime I feel like writing, something has to come up to spoil my mood. No wonder I don't write. Damn it! I had 16 cases before the board today; Knowlton 18 and an application. But I had 3 funeral claims and a proposed sale. Anyway Bob sure complimented me; thought I was really shoving 'em along. Said my dictation was much improved - practically no errors. There were 5 more cases I'd dictated that weren't typed for me and 3 for Knowlton. I'm not stressing this comparison - only O.K. was a bit peeved I did so well. Bob certainly was pleased at the 40 some cases before the board this time. Told me I was doing great work. Mentioned it to Margaret too, adding that I was new, a fact making it all the more commendable. Margaret's been typing early and late for the past few days; up til 1:30 last night. Clella's father died suddenly and she went home to Sydney. Picnic called off therefore. O.K. was pretty decent, I thought, this past week, except that Margaret says he was peeved that my work compared with his. We've played cribbage - I mean Bob, Mary Jo, and myself - some this week. Margaret and I went over once this week to play cribbage. Margaret's baking today and I think I'm to have supper with them. Wanted to come down to see you but don't believe I can afford it. If you're there next weekend, may do same, that is, drive down. I'm getting very little homework done, as usual. With love, Melvin

P.S. Love and Kisses